Team Member Spotlight: Josh Hartwig

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on Josh Hartwig!

Josh has been a part of the Everwell team since we were Pensacola Apothecary! For the 3 years he has been here, Josh has been a valuable member of the team. Whether it is speaking with insurance companies, helping patients or solving technical problems, Josh is a great Account manager and does many things to help make Everwell successful.

Josh is originally from Minnesota but has lived most of his life in the Panhandle. He is a big fan professional sports and we regularly see him sporting his Minnesota Vikings gear. He also likes to disc golf and go fishing. On top of those hobbies Josh likes to compete in local pool competitions so he’d probably be open for a challenge if you catch him downtown. If Josh looks oddly familiar to you and you are not quite sure why it may be because Josh was the man behind the beard as our primary Santa this past Holiday season.

Thank you for everything you do here at Everwell, Josh! (Sorry about the Vikings)