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Trifolamin Lozenges


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60 lozenges of Designs for Health-Trifolamin Lozenges can help you get back to feeling your best using the benefits of vitamin B12 and folate, the most clinically promising canker sore treatment so far.

What are these lozenges for?
If you suffer from recurrent aphthous stomatitis, these lozenges will be a game-changer for you. The combination of nutrients in our lozenges supports immune response in a way specially designed to treat aphthous stomatitis, commonly known as a canker sore.

How do these lozenges work?
The benefits of vitamin B12 and folate have been heavily researched, and they are suspected to treat aphthous stomatitis through the following processes:

  • B12 and folate are required for optimal immune response
  • The form of B12 we use for our lozenges calms inflammation that is sometimes caused by your immune system
  • B12 and folate support cell replication, which is needed to heal your sore
  • The combination in our supplement supports the health of the skin inside your mouth (the oral epithelial layer)

How should I take these lozenges?
We recommend taking one lozenge daily, but you should consult your physician first. When you're ready for your dose, you simply put the lozenge in your mouth and allow it to dissolve completely before swallowing.

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Immune Support
Oral Health
Treats Canker Sores
60 Lozenges