Why Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy Can Make the Difference

Unless you have a special need for customized prescriptions, you may not be familiar with what a compounding pharmacy is or what it does. Like traditional pharmacies, compounding pharmacies fill medical prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike a traditional pharmacy where medications are simply bottled and distributed according to standardized dosages and forms, however, a compounding pharmacy is uniquely equipped to mix and prepare medications according to the individual needs of a patient.

Mixing It Up

Pharmaceutical compounding is hardly a new concept. In fact, the practice of compounding medications predates mass drug manufacturing and was once the only way that medications were made. So just what is a compound medication? Compounding is the preparation of medications that are tailored to each individual, taking the different ingredients of the medication and combining them in specialized dosage strengths and forms that are better suited to meet the needs of that specific patient.

Because of standardized methods of drug manufacturing and the prevalent presence of chain drugstores with pharmacies that simply dispense medications, it can be difficult to find a compounding pharmacy or a specialty pharmacy with compounding facilities. Fortunately, however, because studies have shown the inability of standardized medicine to benefit the health needs of all patients, the use of specialty compounding pharmacy services is seeing a resurgence in demand by the healthcare community.

Compound Interest

Patients with allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients in standard medicines and even over-the-counter items such as pain relievers and professional grade supplements benefit greatly from compounding. In cases such as this, the ingredient can be omitted from the medication being prepared by the pharmacist so that the patient is not in danger of an allergic reaction. One of the greatest applications of compounding is in pediatric care, as many children are fearful of medications and may need them to be altered with flavorings or made into different forms. For example, vitamins for children can be formulated into lollipops or lozenges that a child will readily consume.

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