Topical Phenytoin

For seizure-sufferers in search of a solution for general wellness and a return to better health, a medication called phenytoin can literally be a lifesaver. Phenytoin is actually an anticonvulsant, which means that it prevents the occurrence of impulses in the brain that are responsible for causing seizures. It has been used for this purpose for decades, but studies have shown that its effects are more far-reaching than simply seizure prevention. In fact, when used in topical form, phenytoin has also been found to be extremely beneficial in wound healing. In reaction to its active ingredients, topical phenytoin stimulates the healing process of the body to effectively treat wounds to the skin. These wounds commonly include bedsores, burns, venous stasis ulcers, leprosy trophic ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and other traumatic wounds.

Applied Healing

So how does it work? As it begins the skin healing process, phenytoin causes an increase in the formation of connective tissue cells and granulation tissue, or new vascular tissue. It also promotes the production of collagen and fights against bacteria such as gangrene and actually accelerates the rate of healing at the site of application. Interestingly, topical phenytoin also relieves pain local to the treatment area.

The Compound Factor

As dosage needs vary from person to person, one of the best ways to create topical phenytoin that is safe and effective is through compounding. Compounding enables the medication to be adjusted to properly meet the highly specific dosage levels that are necessary for wound care treatment. A specialty pharmacy or compounding pharmacy will be able to provide compounded cream that is specially formulated to meet your individual needs and one that will be safe for use with any medical conditions you may have. For children with needs in wound care, topical compound cream formulations of phenytoin are equally effective in healing skin, and the unique ability of compounded creams to be adjusted to pediatric care levels make them even more beneficial.

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