The Everwell Specialty Pharmacy Lab

Our onsite lab is one of the ways that we, at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, set ourselves apart. It’s also a hallmark of our dedication to excellence. The standards we maintain in our onsite specialty pharmacy lab are the very reasons we hold the distinction of having been the first PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy in Northwest Florida.

We operate our lab facilities under a code of ethics and principles that meet the strict guidelines required to meet PCAB’s stringent demands. This means we maintain an environment that meets PCAB standards. It further ensures our lab is run by fully trained lab technicians and pharmacists who safeguard our quality control and are constantly being educated on the latest treatment innovations and industry regulations. That quality control is a point of pride and one that we back with our name. Every branded Everwell product is made with the same attention to excellence to ensure our clients are never receiving treatments that have been mishandled or created with questionable ingredients. Everwell is a name that represents our commitment to our patients. Our clients can count on that.

Our Everwell Specialty Pharmacy Lab Process

Our process at Everwell is unique in that it allows us to take full ownership of the medications and treatments our patients receive. In our specialized compounding lab, and by handling each and every aspect of the production from formulation to packaging and shipping, we know the active ingredients and non-active materials being used in our medications are safe, pure and effective. Our patients and their experiences with the customized medications we provide drive our innovations. This drive ensures that we can provide our patients with care specialized to their particular needs.

State-of-the-art lab. Customized prescriptions. A world of difference.

Customized Care

Our state-of-the-art lab is critical in our ability to create specialized dosages and delivery forms for our treatments and medications. These customizations serve the needs of many patients suffering challenging medical conditions who have been unable to find effective solutions to their particular cases. At our Everwell Specialty Pharmacy lab, we’re dedicated to being their source for relief that might have seemed out of reach.

In working with physicians and their patients to determine their needs and discuss their particular cases, we are more fully able to provide them with the treatment they need in a way that will offer the most benefits. Traditional, mass-produced prescriptions are not always effective in treating challenging medical conditions, but the methods we achieve in our compounding lab have proven themselves to be the very answer that countless clients have come to rely on. From topical creams to sublingual lozenges and even inhaled sprays, our pharmacists and lab technicians formulate medications and treatments to solve the needs of patients of any age, from infancy to adulthood. In maintaining the integrity of our ingredients, the cleanliness of our facility and the expertise of our lab technicians and pharmacists, we achieve solutions that set us apart from traditional pharmacies.

At Everwell, we serve the needs of our immediate community. But we also have far-reaching effects in the care that we provide. In creating such customized treatments, our lab fulfills a role that can’t be found just anywhere. We have physicians and patients who seek us out from all over the nation. We truly are a community-based pharmacy, but we are impacting the greater good of communities across the country to create a healthier world, one patient at a time.

Our greatest mission is in rising to the greatest medical challenge! If you are a physician interested in learning more about our innovative treatment models please contact us to set up a visit with a Pharmacy Educator. If you are a patient interested in one of our treatments ask your physician to contact us and we will work with them to create a plan for you.