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Silymarin is a liver support supplement that comes in 120 capsules for versatile long-term usage.

What is Silymarin?
Silymarin is a powerful milk thistle extract supplement that is designed to optimize liver function and improve the overall condition of the organ. It provides general necessary liver support in the event of liver damage and it promotes an overall sense of liver health. The liver supplement is not designed to interact with other supplement or medications, making it an excellent synergizing option for those actively visiting a physician for some type of liver condition.

What are some Silymarin benefits?
The highly botanical ingredients are designed to protect the liver from all types of damage, making healing easier in the future. It also supports glutathione concentrations and helps promote cellular activity in the organ. Users can also look forward to other benefits such as: Protection from the presence of free radicals Stimulation of protein synthesis in hepatic cells

Why choose Pure Encapsulations?

  • The brand performs careful testing to make sure that all products are safe and natural
  • Strives to provide customers comprehensive labels and instructions for easy use
  • Screens all products to reduce the risk of environmental contaminants
  • Does not contain any GMOs

How should I use Silymarin supplements?
It is recommended for users to take one to four capsules divided in doses between meals. Assess your needs according to your liver health and what you believe will provide you with the desired health results.

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Other Details

Liver Function
Milk Thistle Extract
Glutathione Concentrations
120 Capsules