Digesting Gut Health

Whether you really realize it or not, your guts are affected by the things that you eat on a daily basis. If you’re not getting the proper amounts of essential vitamins or suffer from nutrient deficiencies, your intestines probably aren’t functioning as well as they should be. Really, your gut is linked to not only your intestines and the way your digestion works, but to your general wellness in its entirety. So unless you’re eating, drinking, and staying as active as you ought to be, you’re probably missing out on all of the healthy types of bacteria that should be present and keeping your guts in check.

Follow Your Gut

Gut health is important to your body’s ability to process food and produce the nutrients it needs to be active and fully functional. Those good bacteria found in a healthy gut help break things down and aid in combating disease, so making sure you’re as bacterially balanced as you should be is crucial.

Everything you eat and drink is either absorbed into your body or filtered out by your gut. While your gut digests the food you eat, it extracts the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients you need from them so that they can then be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout your body. A healthy, well-functioning gut also gets rid of the harmful toxins, viruses, microbes, and allergens that you may be exposed to every day.

Get Gutsy

A healthy gut is a happy gut. To get it as healthy as it should be, one of the best ways is to eat more healthfully and use probiotic supplements, which will boost a number of good bacteria in your gut so that the harmful bacteria are controlled. Using a probiotic benefits your immune system, as well; and your digestive system will function more efficiently as a whole. If you’re taking any kind of medication like an antibiotic, you’re especially in need of a probiotic. Yes, an antibiotic may help you wipe out an infection; but those medications will also destroy quite a large portion of your gut’s healthy bacteria.

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