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60 capsules of concentrated antioxidants-get the lycopene benefits for macular health and for prostate function without the tomato sauce stains.

What is Lycopene?
This compound is a powerful antioxidant which is found in nature, yet it's not an essential nutrient. Part of the family of carotenoids (which includes beta-carotene/Vitamin A), lycopene has positive associations with retinal health. Antioxidant supplements are essential for helping the eye combat UV and high energy light (oxidation) which stresses cells and ages them, causing disease.

Benefits and Potential Risks
Lycopene is recommended for use by any adult who can tolerate a daily dietary supplement under medical supervision. For individuals at higher risk of prostate health problems, the antioxidants have been studied but not proven in early trials to be supportive of healthy prostate function. 20-30mg max (2-3 capsules) is recommended daily.

For individuals with macular degeneration or retinal diseases, supplementation of the carotenoid family as well as the xanthophyll pigments is recommended by most eye care practitioners for optimum macular health. 10-20 mg is recommended for these patients (2 capsules with food)

For healthy individuals, 1 capsule per day with food is recommended. Overdosing is not recommended as discoloration of the skin can occur although the supplement is non toxic at high doses. *Consult with a physician before taking any supplements for any specific condition.

Why Pure Encapsulations?
Our lycopene supplements are 100% natural, have easy to read labels, and are made in the USA.

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