Body Composition Test

Most people are familiar with traditional forms of body composition tests like calipers that measure the ratio of fat on your frame. But are you really aware of everything that actually goes into your total body composition? Your body is made up of a number of numbers that can all determine your general wellness as well as how well it performs under pressure. So whether you’re someone looking for advice on achieving better women’s health or hoping to get greater insight into men’s health, it’s important to understand your numbers and how they’re actually affecting your life.

How Composed Are You?

The term “body composition” refers to measurements of fat, bone, and muscle in the human body. It can also calculate percentages of body fat and lean body mass within those numbers for a better understanding of your weight. Knowing numbers such as these, as well as your body’s bone mineral content and bone mineral density, can ultimately help you achieve better health.

Get Electrified

Body composition tests like skin fold testing or caliper tests, DEXA scans, underwater density tests, air displacement tests, MRI, and ultrasound have all been proven to be quite effective. But bioelectrical impedance devices like the InBody Compositional Analyzer make the process far simpler and are extremely accurate. To explain it simply, the InBody device sends low-level electrical currents into the body through the hands and feet. The machine itself resembles a scale with handheld sensors and a digital screen, which displays the results of the test. In order to perform the test, an individual must stand barefoot on the platform and grasp the handheld sensors. Each of these connection points to the hands and feet are conductors of the electrical currents that provide measurements of body composition though impedance, which reflects the resistance those currents meet within the body to determine its type and will then differentiate between fat, lean tissue, water, and bone.

InBody accuracy meets gold level standards and uses patented technology to achieve its results. It combines a unique placement of the electrodes on the hands and feet and employs multiple types of electrical currents at differing frequencies to provide the most accurate analysis. Unlike many other methods of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, InBody does not factor in the use of data such as age or gender to achieve its body composition analysis. Instead, InBody uses Whole Body Impedance to measure the body’s five segments, which include the arms, the legs, and the trunk. The advantage of this is that anyone with an abnormal body type for their age or gender is still given a precise measurement of their body composition.

Structuring a Plan

So why is body composition testing helpful to you? Tracking any changes can help you set goals for better health, whether you need to lose a little weight or simply want to become more fit. You’ll be able to see your progress and gain a better understanding of the steps you might need to make in order to meet those goals. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we want to help all of our clients upgrade their lifestyle so that they can live a long, healthy, and vibrant life; and we encourage the use of the InBody Compositional Analyzer to help make that possible.

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