At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we know the importance of building close relationships with our patients and their physicians. We believe in working with them on a personal basis. These relationships ensure communication and understanding, which ultimately lead to achieving greater success in the outcomes our treatments can provide.

To many of our patients, our innovative methods of treatment are often unfamiliar. This is why we have created a unique pharmacist-led follow-up program called CARE which provides clear answers to any questions our patients might have. The CARE program reinforces the directions we send for prescribed treatments to be most effectively utilized so each patient in our care receives the greatest benefits from their medications and treatments.


The core concept in developing our CARE program is optimizing results through direct patient-pharmacist relationships. We extend that relationship to last beyond the reception of their prescriptions. This is what makes our specialty pharmacy – special.

When a patient fills a prescription at Everwell, they can expect to receive a call from a CARE specialist within 24 hours of the pharmacy receiving their prescription to inform them we have been given orders for their medication. We then confirm their correct address and insurance information and inform them of the cost they can expect. The prescription is processed and compounded by our lab at our onsite facility. Once we have been authorized by the patient to ship the prescription, the treatment is then sent to the address on file.

Everwell CARE specialists reach out to each of our patients within three days of the time they received their medication to conduct an initial follow-up that is often critical in optimizing patient outcomes. An additional follow-up occurs within 30 days to evaluate the progress of the treatment and answer any questions patients may have during the course of that treatment.


During the initial follow-up, each CARE specialist will:

  1. Verify the prescription has been received
  2. Explain instructions for use
  3. Review expectations and outcomes
  4. Address any questions or concerns the patient might have
  5. Ensure the patient has pharmacy contact information

During the 30-day follow-up, CARE specialists:

  1. Review treatment progress and results seen
  2. Answer patient questions or concerns
  3. Assess proper use


At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, our CARE specialists take our mission to the next level in the ways they serve our patients. We believe filling prescriptions isn’t the extent of our job, but one single facet of the greater picture.

Our CARE program is one the pillars of our success. The level of dedication we show in every aspect of our work at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy is also reflected in our commitment to maintaining close relationships with our patients. We know we are one of many pharmacies throughout this area, but the excellence of our services and the innovative care we offer is what sets us far above the rest.

Our greatest mission is in rising to the greatest medical challenge! If you are a physician interested in learning more about our innovative treatment models please contact us to set up a visit with a Pharmacy Educator. If you are a patient interested in one of our treatments ask your physician to contact us and we will work with them to create a plan for you.