Trust us, it's worth the wait!

To better serve our patients and healthcare providers, we will be switching to a more efficient and quicker computer system for processing prescriptions!

Starting in the month of April 2024, you may experience a delay in our turnaround time.

Please order refills early and let us know if you have urgent needs during this time so we can ensure you are taken care of!

For urgent requests, please email us at or complete the online refill request form by clicking the RX REFILLS button below. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we build a better pharmacy for YOU!




Everwell Specialty Pharmacy is a unique pharmacy. While we do offer regular prescriptions just like you can get at the big-box pharmacies on every corner, what makes us special is our ability to work with physicians to take on hard-to-treat conditions, create individualized solutions and, in many cases, produce life changing results. 

Sometimes the one-size-fits-all medication isn’t able to help every patient. After all, every patient is different. We have pharmacists and pharmacy educators that will work with physicians to create individualized solutions in our specialty compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacy has its own lab on the premises. You can walk in our front door and see our lab techs working hard behind the glass to create an innovative difference for our patients around the country. After patients receive their medication we follow up with them to answer any questions, track progress and make sure we are doing everything in our power for the patient to receive an optimal result. We are a pharmacy who cares about getting the best results for our patients.


In 2003, pharmacist Chris Schulte had a vision to create a pharmacy unlike any Pensacola, Florida had to offer. He wanted to create a better pharmacy experience for patients - a pharmacy closer to its roots where patients could get medication solutions created to fit their individual needs rather than the one-size-fits-all nature of many mass produced medications. He wanted to offer professional quality supplements that were hard to find in the area and to help educate people about how some supplements can help prevent sickness in the first place. From his vision, Pensacola Apothecary - a specialty compounding pharmacy like no other - was born into a small 1,200 square foot building.

By 2009, the word had spread about the quality and service of Pensacola Apothecary. Patients who had lived in Pensacola or had been stationed here in the armed forces and had moved away still wanted to get their compounded prescription filled with our local compounding pharmacy. Due to those requests, the pharmacy grew and Pensacola Apothecary moved into a building with a bigger lab to accommodate the demand.

In 2015, we once again had grown to the point where we needed more space. During November of that year we moved into our current 15,000 square foot building with our state-of-the-art lab. Our pharmacy was now serving patients throughout the Southeast. We needed a name that reflected our passion and commitment to all of our patients, so in conjunction with our move, we made the decision to change our name to “Everwell Specialty Pharmacy.”  We chose “Everwell” because we believe it promotes our mission of better health, quality of life and excellent customer service. Over the years, our pharmacy has become much more than a just a compounding pharmacy. We now fill compounded, specialty and even regular retail prescriptions. Through all the changes over the years, we still follow the principles that Chris Schulte established in 2003 when he first started this pharmacy. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality medications and ingredients, excellent customer service, innovative solutions and care for our patients - treating them as family.