Is “HydroBEEF” the Most Effective Paleo Protein Powder?

In recent years, the market has exploded with thousands if not millions of nutritional aids and healthcare products geared toward general wellness, crowding the shelves with an endless array of performance supplements packed with essential vitamins and minerals and a variety of ingredients that all seem too good to be true. Among all of the magic bullets, there actually are some products that deliver on their promises of enhancing athletics performance, and Pure Paleo Protein Powder from Designs for Health is one of those promise keepers.

Powder Power

By now, most people have heard about the Paleo diet; and it’s gained millions of followers because of the ways that it uses clean, simple foods to nourish the true needs of the mind and body and enable it to function at its best. The concept behind protein supplements like Pure Paleo Protein Powder is to use natural sources of protein to make the healthiest protein powder on the market, using hydrolyzed beef protein in combination with other quality ingredients that have been proven to be highly beneficial to the body.

What’s In the Mix

By using Pure Paleo Protein Powder as a part of your nutrition plan, you’ll see an improvement in your muscle growth and increase your body’s level of endurance, which means that you’ll have more strength to lead the active lifestyle you try to maintain. The powder as ideal for use as a meal supplement, and it’s vanilla and chocolate flavors are tasty on their own or great blended into a smoothie. Each ingredient is completely approved by Paleo guidelines; and the patented formula of hydrolyzed beef protein (HydroBeef) used in the powder is free of hormones and antibiotics, is GMO free, and has been sourced from grass-fed cows. Pure Paleo Protein Powder is also dairy-free, making it a safe option for anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to dairy.

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