Follow the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Get the Most Out of Your Day

If you’re like the billions of people around the world who drink coffee at least once throughout the course of a day, you hardly need any convincing that a strong cup of Joe gives you a boost in energy and helps you get a better handle on life. So how do you take something that’s already good and make it even better? The Bulletproof coffee recipe shakes things up by adding a few ingredients to your daily brew that are proven to naturally increase energy and provide better mental focus in ways that aren’t possible with plain old coffee, amping up your feeling of
general wellness and enhancing your performance so that you can be at your very best.

Load Up the Ammo

The Bulletproof coffee recipe is simple. Combine freshly brewed Bulletproof coffee with grass­fed butter or clarified butter and Brain Octane Oil in a blender and blend it up, then pour it all into a cup and sip away. You may not have ever thought that a coffee drink could truly be considered a
performance supplement, much less something that would top the hit list for things to incorporate into your day right along with all of those essential vitamins and minerals. But the power really does lie in the ingredients. The uniqueness of the Bulletproof coffee recipe relies on the ways that the body metabolizes the healthy fats found in the butter and the oil to convert them into a ready energy source rather than storing them as fat. Add that to the buzzy boost of coffee, and you’re looking at a recipe for success and even higher levels of performance.

Bulletproof coffee is organic and tested for its purity, which makes it superior to ordinary beans and a wise choice for anyone looking for a quality product. Like all of the products in the line of Bulletproof supplements and nutritional aids, both Bulletproof coffee and Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil have been developed to harness natural sources of energy and make them more accessible to the body. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is made from a specially formulated combination of coconut and palm kernel oils, which are converted into a great source of energy for the brain and can also provide benefits to the immune system and overall digestive health.

Bulletproof your energy and hit your target of enhanced performance! Visit the experts at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy and shop from our line of Bulletproof products today!