Branch Out Your Knowledge

While many people may not be familiar with them, BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which are extremely important in helping maintain and build lean muscle mass. For anyone who is increasing the intensity of a weight training program at the same time as they’re dieting, a BCAA supplement may be necessary to help them achieve their fitness goals of increasing their strength while losing weight.

Performance supplements or nutritional supplements including BCAA supplements have increasingly been proven to be beneficial to athletes and body builders, as these are individuals whose need for maintaining the proper balance of essential vitamins and minerals exceeds that of most people. BCAA comes into greater play as they reduce their caloric intake to shed weight, a factor which can also take its toll on muscle strength and endurance. BCAA, however, helps stimulate the body’s natural cellular processes of protein synthesis and even assists in increasing the cell’s capacity for synthesis of protein. In addition, BCAA helps reduce the rate at which protein in the body is broken down, all of which result in maintaining and gaining lean muscle.

Acid Build Up

The benefits of using a BCAA supplement go even farther by helping improve the intensity of workouts. The reason for this is simply that the type of amino acids in BCAA impede the brain’s conversion of tryptophan into serotonin. During periods of exercise, those rising levels of serotonin contribute to feelings of fatigue. By blocking the brain’s access to tryptophan and the resulting increased levels of serotonin, BCAA enables workouts to be more intense and maintained for greater lengths of time.

The Chain Reaction

When taken in supplement form, BCAA does not require digestion and can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Once in the bloodstream, BCAAs can be utilized as a ready source of energy during exercise.

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