Vitamins for Children

Something to Chew On

As a quick glance at the market in vitamins for children may easily illustrate, unless it’s flavored and comes with some kind of novel aspect like a fun shape or candy-like texture, children’s medicine is generally not the easiest pill to swallow. Oftentimes, children may simply be resistant to the idea or dislike something about the medication itself, whether that dislike stems from the taste or texture. They might also have difficulty swallowing solid forms of their medications or be fearful of choking; and if they have a fear of needles, any form of injections will cause their anxiety levels to skyrocket. In order to meet a child’s dietary needs for essential vitamins and minerals that will help them maintain their general wellness, most pediatricians recommend the use of vitamins for children; but because of the challenges posed by their resistance to taking medications, supplements for kids must be adapted to meet whatever needs the child might have for flavoring, texture, dosage, and delivery methods.

Sweeten Things Up

At Everwell, part of the services we provide as a specialty pharmacy are our individually tailored and customized supplements for children. Because we specialize in compounding, any children’s medication or children’s supplements can be compounded into forms that are less intimidating to a child, whether they prefer flavored syrups, chilly freezerpops, chewy gummies, lozenges, solutions, or concentrates. Slowly dissolving lozenges and lollipops provide a tasty and enjoyable way to administer medications that need to be held in the mouth for extended periods of time, and most drugs can simply be compounded into a gel to be applied topically for absorption through the skin. Due to the complexity of the physical and chemical properties of each and every ingredient in a medication, we must use special care in formulating any compound we prepare. The ingredients, techniques, and equipment we use in our compounds directly affect the efficacy of the medications, so every step we take is made only with proper attention to the potential interaction it may have in causing the medication to be anything less than fully effective.

Big Care for Little People

Children may be small, but their health is no small concern. At Everwell, we know the importance of meeting their needs just as much as meeting the needs of our adult clients. We understand that there is a lack of focus being given to pediatric medications as pharmaceutical companies produce prescription drugs in much the same way that they develop medications for adults, and part of our job in providing for our pediatric clients is to bring a focus back to them and how they can better be served as they grow into a healthy adulthood. Compounding allows us to address the specific needs of the child so that they are more comfortable with the idea of having to take their medicine, whether that medicine is something as simple as a vitamin or a prescription antibiotic.

Recommended Vitamins For Children

Getting your child to take their medicine should never be a hard pill to swallow! Shop Pediatric for vitamins children will enjoy!