The Trouble with Having Trouble Falling Asleep

The Trouble with Having Trouble Falling Asleep 

Do you toss and turn for what seems like hours on end every night trying to fall asleep before the alarm goes off and smashes your hopes of catching some Zs to smithereens? Unfortunately, having trouble falling asleep is something that many people face each time their head hits the pillow. But at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we offer effective ways of making your dreams of getting a good night’s sleep come true.

Whether you realize it or not, those problems sleeping may stem from more than having too much caffeine in your system or the dog whose bark doesn’t seem to have an off-switch. Sleep problems can be caused by more serious matters like adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety or depression. Even things like alcohol consumption, the use of certain medications, an old mattress, a snoring partner, or an imbalanced diet can cause you to have trouble sleeping at night, which can actually negate your best intentions of being energetic, active, and focused.

Give the Nod to Nodding Off 

If you’re having trouble falling asleep on a regular basis, it can really start to impede your way of life. 

Some of the most common signs that may mean you’re not getting the sleep you need include: 

  • Relying on caffeine to keep you charged up 
  • You’re having to sleep-in extra long on your days off 
  • Your patience is easily tried 
  • You wake up from sleep with a sore throat, a dry mouth, or a headache 
  • You’re waking up frequently to use the bathroom 
  • You’re having difficulty being productive 
  • You’re gaining weight

Each of these is symptomatic of getting too little sleep. And while the reason for having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep may be a simple issue of needing to live a more healthy lifestyle, they could also be related to more serious sleep disorders like sleep apnea. If you’re fighting fatigue on a daily basis and suspect you may be suffering from a more concerning issue than simply being too restless at night to sleep, come to Everwell to take advantage of your complimentary Ask Everwell consultation with our health experts. We have a specialized team of professionals in the medical field who can advise you on women’s health, men’s health, and overall ways of living a healthier life and learning how to get a better night’s sleep.

Realize your dreams of better sleep! Schedule your complimentary Ask Everwell consultation with the team of health experts at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy and shop our extensive line of wellness products today!