The Fantastic 5 Health Tips For Men To Know This Father’s Day

Are you a manly man who hates to show weakness or fear? Do you hate getting sick and gasp! revealing that you are actually human?

If you can relate, you are not alone. You are a regular guy. But even the most masculine of males could use a few tried and true “health tips for men” in his toolbox. During this nationally recognized month of
men’s health awareness, it is an excellent time to start putting those healthy lifestyle tips into use.

Fittingly, Father’s Day falls this month, as well. And while you are supposed to be the one getting gifts this month, you might want to think of health as a gift you can give yourself…and, at the same time, a gift you can give to your kids as their father. After all, ugly as that tie you just unwrapped might be, you need to be around for a long time to wear (or not) that thing. You need to be healthy enough to play with them and teach them and watch them grow into adults.

Great health isn’t a frivolity. It’s a necessity, and being in your best health is easier than you might realize. Imagine this: If your body could buy you a Father’s Day card, it would probably have some cheesy picture on the front; but inside? You’d find some pretty useful health tips for men because health is the best gift you could ever get.

Use this Father’s Day as a reminder to make a plan of action, and remember that healthy tips for fathers can actually be fun.

Here are 5 health tips for men to get you started:

1. Regular Doctor Visits
See your doctor regularly for screenings and tests to get a picture of your overall health. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we offer complimentary 
Ask Everwell consultations that can be of great help in getting some of those screenings checked off the list and getting your health back in line.

2. Manage Your Diet 
If your nutrition needs a punch in the arm to get on track, check into things like 
meal planning or supplements for men. Eat locally and seasonally available foods. In Florida, the produce is plentiful and colorful all year long, and fantastic seafood is one of our claims to fame. Go fishing as a family and then fire up the grill to eat what you catch. That’s a gift for your health and your heart because you’ll be eating well and spending time with your kids.

3. Get Regular Exercise
Your activity level can help you manage your weight, reduce your stress, and even reduce your risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
If you live in parts of the country like Florida where the temps are mild all year long, try to do outdoor activities with your kids like:

  • Playing at the beach 
  • Running or biking 
  • Water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, or surfing. 

4. Get Regular & Enough Sleep
If you’re 
fighting fatigue all the time, this is one of those healthy tips that can seem like a no-brainer. But sleep is much more important than you might realize. It can help keep your energy up, help fight stress, and even help you manage your weight.

5. Stop Smoking and Reduce Your Alcohol Intake
Alcohol is something you should only enjoy in moderation, so keep an eye on how much you’re imbibing. Smoking and tobacco use, on the other hand? That’s a no-no on any level. If you are a smoker, try using cessation aids or doing something like going for a walk outside when the urge to smoke (or chew) strikes. 

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