The Deal on DHEA

As the use of
health supplements becomes increasingly necessary, more research is going into their formulations as well as which ones can provide the most benefits. For many individuals suffering from fatigue, a decrease in sex drive, or mild cases of depression, low DHEA levels could be contributing to the issue; and so the need to take a DHEA supplement may come into play.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is actually a hormone that is naturally produced in the adrenal glands. Though all of the functions of DHEA have yet to be fully established, it has been proven to be a precursor that the body converts into male and female sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Understandably, the natural production of DHEA reaches its peak before the age of 30 and generally declines with age. Studies have linked lower levels with cases of osteoporosis, diabetes, hormonal disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, coronary issues, depression, immune system disorders, and chronic inflammation.

De-Mystifying DHEA

Taking a DHEA supplement, however, has notably been shown to boost levels of estrogen and testosterone and even increase energy levels; and so it is believed that it may be beneficial in a number of other ways, as well.

The most commonly noted DHEA benefits include:

  • Boosting adrenal health to prevent adrenal fatigue
  • Increasing skeletal and muscular strength
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Increasing immune health
  • Boosting emotional and cognitive health
  • Fighting the processes of aging

As with many supplements, there are unsubstantiated claims about using DHEA to treat certain medical conditions. Consultation with a physician before beginning use of a DHEA supplement is recommended, as there are certain side effects associated with its use. Overall, however, when properly used, DHEA can be beneficial to many individuals.

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