Team Member Spotlight – Ms. Sally Spencer

Ms. Sally Spencer is a very important part of the Everwell team. She has been with the company for over 10 years! Ms. Sally’s official title is Pharmacy Assistant, but she would tell you that her unofficial title is Pharmacy Mom and she is great at both! She does so much that it is really hard to quantify everything she does at Everwell to contribute to our success. Around the pharmacy, she is always smiling and has a positive attitude she shares with all who meet her.

Ms. Sally is a native Pensacolian, with 2 children and 6 grand children. Before she joined the Everwell team, she enjoyed a 30 year career as a dental hygienist! If you see her in the pharmacy strike up a conversation with her and ask her about how she lead dental/medical teams into Costa Rica for eight years. She enjoys books, movies, yoga, travel & zip lining. 
Autism Pensacola and Big Brothers Big Sisters are an important part of her life.

Thank you for everything you do Ms. Sally!