Team Member Spotlight – James Vartko

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on James Vartko!

James has been a part of the team here at Everwell since 2016. Before he came on full time, he started out with us as an extern from Virginia College. He caught on quickly and became an Account Manager and permanent member of the team. James is a comedic relief around the pharmacy and prides himself on being able to make anyone laugh even on their worst day.

James originally hails from Connecticut. He originally moved here to Pensacola to help his grandmother care for his care for his grandfather. After his grandfather passed, James came to work with us here at Everwell and we are very glad to have him. He is the proud father of two boys, Zachary (13) and AJ (8). He is currently busy building both boys their own Adirondack chairs fully equipped with a paint job that has glow powder so they will glow in the dark!

Thanks again for everything you do, James! We want to see pictures of those chairs!