Team Member Spotlight – Avion Palmer

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on Avion Palmer!

Avion has been on the Everwell team for a little over a year. She is one of our Account Managers. In Avion’s first year here with Everwell she has established herself as an important member of our team with her flexibility. If Everwell was a baseball team Avion would be our equivalent to a utility player. In her first year she has been a total team player and worked in multiple departments doing a whatever was needed at that time to help Everwell succeed. Sometimes she would jump between departments in the same day!

Avion has an 18 month old that keeps her laughing and on her toes! She is tom-boy at heart and loves to get out on a four-wheeler and tear it up. She claims that in her mind she is also a professional food-taster. With her flexibility here at the pharmacy it should come as no surprise that in addition to all these things she also finds some time to write poetry!

In honor of Avion’s passion for poetry we attempted to write this haiku:

Thank you Avion

We love all that you do here

Keep up the good work