Plating Up Picky Eaters: Are My Children Getting The Right Vitamins?

Children are notorious for being picky eaters, which often means that making sure they get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to support their growing bodies and brains can be a bit on the challenging side. Consequentially, children’s vitamins have become one of the most efficient ways of filling in those nutrient deficiencies, and these vitamins for kids are specially formulated to contain the proper amounts of everything they need to keep them living their active little lives.

Eating It Up

On the whole, children’s nutrition should be a balanced thing, including foods like dairy products that build their bones with natural calcium; fresh fruits and vegetables that naturally provide a vast array of vitamins; whole grains that offer up fiber and energy-sustaining carbohydrates; and proteins to keep their bodies growing strong. Unfortunately, pickiness can put a kink in even the most well-laid plans; and children’s wellness becomes an issue as their lack of balanced eating starts to play with their health.

Thinking Childishly

Catering to the challenges of appealing to a child, children’s vitamins are usually flavored and often come in a form that makes them more palatable. Some vitamins for children are in fun shapes and colors, while other supplements for children may be put into delicious shakes, popsicles, or even gummies. Regardless, children’s vitamins are designed with one thing in mind, as a multivitamin for kids needs to contain the levels of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that will give them the support their little systems need to grow and develop.

So what are some of the chart toppers when it comes to a healthy child? Vitamins A, B, C, and D certainly are heavy hitters; but Omega 3 for children is also critical. This essential fatty acid is a brain booster; and for the developing mind of a child, that is undeniably crucial. In addition, kids need calcium, fiber, and iron. For picky eaters or children with allergies and other health conditions, getting the proper nutrients in their daily diets can be a challenge; but a multivitamin can also come in handy for kids who eat too many processed foods or frequently drink sodas.

Excellent health should be child’s play! Take advantage of your complimentary Ask Everwell consultation with the team of experts at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy to learn more about your child’s wellness needs and shop our extensive line of health products today!