Improving Memory Is an Exercise for the Body

Improving Memory Is an Exercise for the Body 

You already know that getting regular exercise helps reduce your risk of heart disease, suffering a stroke, and developing diabetes. And while it also helps manage weight, lowers blood pressure, improves your appearance, and prevents depression, it is also beneficial in improving memory and cognition. 

Improving memory may not be something that you feel is that important until age starts creeping up on you, but if you adopt 
healthy lifestyle practices, you can help prevent issues from arising in the first place. Taking supplements for memory and brain improvement and challenging your brain to memory enhancing exercises can certainly be effective. But even more important is the amount of work your heart and sweat glands do on a regular basis. In fact, studies have linked aerobic exercise to increases in the size of the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain that controls learning and verbal memory. 

The way that exercise provides benefits as a 
brain booster comes from its ability to reduce inflammation; reduce insulin resistance; and encourage the release of growth factors, which are highly important chemicals in the brain that affect the number, health, and survival brains as well as the growth of new blood vessels in the brain. Aerobic exercise also improves mood and sleep and lowers stress and anxiety levels – all of which bear greatly on brain function. 

Mind Your Moves 

As you do your own work in improving memory, try out different forms of aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, dancing, tennis, bike-riding, or anything else that gets your heart rate elevated and your sweat factor up. Most experts recommend getting at least 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise most days of the week or about 150 minutes weekly in total. If you are just starting out, take it in small steps by doing a few minutes each day and then increasing that amount by 5 to 10 minutes a week until you have hit your target time. Believe it or not, even things like household chores can count, just as long as they get your blood flowing enough that you are sporting a light sheen of sweat.

Move It…Or Lose It? 

Don’t let the idea of needing exercise overwhelm your brain space so much that you don’t actually do it. Try getting exercise in a way that seems less like work, something that you find appealing. Sign up for a class or try working out friends can keep you more accountable. As you work, keep track of your progress so that you feel more encouraged to reach a specific goal. You might also benefit from the help of a personal trainer who’s knowledgeable and can offer you guidance. 

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As you consider the health of your brain, it’s essential to remember that establishing exercise as a habit is basically like giving yourself a prescription. Movement is medicine for your brain and your memory, so keep that top of mind. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we realize that adopting a more active lifestyle can be a struggle and one that can seem daunting on your own. We are dedicated to helping our clients tackle their challenges, so we provide 
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