Getting the Bulk on the Importance of Fiber

Getting the Bulk on the Importance of Fiber

Realize it or not, fiber is important to everyone, regardless of age. Unfortunately, however, many people overlook the importance of fiber in their daily diets until they start having issues with their regularity; and depending on just how high their lack of fiber might be, it can be a painful problem to deal with.

Regularity Realities

You probably already know that fiber is essential to keeping your bowel in full swing and your intestinal tract flowing freely – all signs of a healthy gut – but the even greater importance of fiber is the role it plays in preventing colon cancer and other serious health issues. So how does it work? Unlike most foods that we consume, fiber isn’t digested or absorbed by the body. Instead, it moves through the digestive system intact, creating bulk that pushes along and clears out stool and carcinogens that are harmful to your health. Bulk up on fiber, and things move along that much more smoothly. Smooth moves aside, getting a sufficiency of fiber also helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease; lowers cholesterol levels; reduces blood pressure; regulates glucose levels; decreases inflammation; and aids in weight loss.

Rough Up on Roughage

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble refers to fiber that dissolves in water to create a gel-like substance that aids in lowering the levels of cholesterol and glucose. Oats, beans, peas, and apples are all types of soluble fiber. Wheat bran, cabbage, carrots, and nuts are all types of insoluble fiber, which absorbs water and adds bulk to the digestive tracts and helps to keep your regularity on track.

Obviously, the importance of fiber is much greater than keeping you from getting irritable. But because so many people don’t get the amounts they need from the actual food that they eat, they have to rely on supplements. To clear up your understanding of your need, it’s best to get the advice of a professional.

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