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Health Tips

  1. April 06, 2022

    DHEA Supplements: Its Possible Effects on Depression, Menopause, Fertility and More

    What potential can come from utilizing DHEA Supplementation?

    One of the important hormones that is naturally made by the adrenal glands near the kidneys and by the liver is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA levels seem to go down as people get older. DHEA levels are usually lower in people with depression, postmenopausal women, individuals with chronic pain, and many other conditions.

    Supplementing with DHEA is claimed to improve energy, slow down signs of aging, improve muscle strength and athletic performance, infertility, and many other conditions. But is it really the magic solution that it is claimed to be?

    What Are Potential Benefits of DHEA?

    Menopausal Symptoms

    DHEA is likely effective for menopausal symptoms such as thinning of vaginal tissue (vaginal atrophy). With menopause and declining hormone levels, women often experience thinning of the vaginal tissue. This can cause pain during sex. Using vaginal inserts containing DHEA can reduce pain during

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  2. April 06, 2022

    Different Methods of Testing Hormone Levels at Home

    Know Your Hormone Levels and Put Your Health First

    Hormone imbalances can affect both men and women. Symptoms can be minimal, while in many cases they are severe, causing negative effects to one’s quality of life. It is important to get your hormone levels checked and address any deficiencies with a plan of action.

    How Do I Test Hormone Levels?

    There are three easy ways to check specific hormone levels: At-home Saliva Testing, Blood Spot Testing, and Urine Testing.

    Saliva Testing

    Saliva testing is a collection method where patients collect their saliva at home, utilizing swabs and plastic tubes in order to measure hormones like cortisol, estrogens, progesterone, and androgens.

    This non-invasive saliva collection is ideal for patients because it allows them to collect their sample in the privacy of their home or office. Saliva hormone testing has become a useful resource for health care providers and patients around the

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  3. February 08, 2022

    Nitric Oxide (NO) and Healthy Blood Circulation for Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women

    Blood Circulation Can Affect Sexual Function

    Can the answer to erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual dysfunction in women be “NO” or Nitric Oxide?

    Ground Breaking Discovery

    In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to 3 scientists for their discoveries concerning Nitric Oxide (NO) and its important role in the cardiovascular system.

    Nitric Oxide and Why We Need It

    Not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) that some dentists use, Nitric Oxide can open blood vessels and help bring nutrients to various parts of the body.

    Nitric Oxide dilates the blood vessels and increases healthy blood circulation to your skin, your brain, your heart, your muscles, joints, genitals, and more.

    Nitric Oxide can also play a very important role in healing and recovering from inflammation and chronic diseases.

    Decreasing Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels with Age


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  4. January 19, 2022

    5 Weekly Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

    If you're tired of seeing your weight fluctuate, you may need to add some healthy habits to your weekly schedule.

    Start Small

    Consider these five small improvements that you can make this week that can add up to big results towards your goals for managing or losing weight.

    1. Stock your kitchen. You can make room for the good things by getting rid of junk food. Keep healthy snacks on hand, along with staples for light meals.
    2. Plan your meals. Write out a menu for your daily meals and snacks. You'll be able to tell at a glance if you're getting all your required nutrients, and you'll probably eat less!
    3. Cook more. Restaurant meals and frozen food products tend to have more calories, salt, and sugar. Preparing your own food allows you to control the ingredients and calories to satisfy your health and nutrition goals.
    4. Control portions. Foods can sometimes be so tempting that they lure you off your diet. Reduce your serving sizes so you can enjoy
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