Athlete Health

Building Athlete’s Health

Athlete health is extremely important when it comes to great performance; but with all of the physical demands put on their bodies as they train, athletes need even more than the standard levels of essential vitamins and minerals needed for general wellness. As a result, they often face nutritional deficits that can greatly benefit from the use of performance supplements, which are packed full of proteins and nutrients that their bodies require to be at their peak. With such unique health needs, athlete health has increasingly gained focus by the healthcare industry to develop wellness products and dietary supplements that are safe and effective and use more natural sources of energy.

Technical Performance

With its newly gained focus in healthcare, the athlete health sector of medicine has also been extremely benefitted in recent years by the use of technologies like iontophoresis and phonophoresis. Iontophoresis uses an electrical current to deliver anti-inflammatories through the skin and has proven effective as a hyperhidrosis treatment in athletes whose levels of perspiration are abnormally high. Phonophoresis is a type of ultrasound used to increase the body’s absorption of topically applied anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers.

Getting Skin In the Game

As studies have shown, various medications are more easily utilized by the body in forms other than oral consumption and can actually show a greater degree of efficacy if they are formulated for use as a transdermal or topical application. In the matter of transdermal vs topical, the two initially seem very similar. While both transdermal and topical medicines have been highly utilized by the healthcare system in order to treat athletic injuries, their greatest differences lie in the way that they function. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we specialize in compounding medications, which makes us uniquely able to provide our clients with their prescriptions and customize them to their specific needs in a formulation that is safe and effective. Our pharmacists are highly trained to know which medications can safely be altered to transdermal or topical formulas, ensuring that every client in our care is given a product that is pure and fully effective.


Topical medications are formulated to take effect at the application site and do not usually build up in the bloodstream or the body, which makes them significantly safer than transdermal drugs. The most commonly used types of topical medications include analgesics and antibiotics or corticosteroids, which are often used to treat skin infections and irritations.


Transdermal medications, however, are absorbed by the skin and taken into the bloodstream to be delivered to the target location in the body. Such a method of delivery can be extremely beneficial to people who are unable to take a medication orally or for medications that need to be processed by the liver in order to be effective. Anti-nausea medications, hormone replacement therapies, and pain medications for generalized pain are some of the most common types of drugs that use transdermal delivery. Be a player in the game for better health! Give the experts at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy a call today!