8 Natural Energy Boosts to Leave You Running on All Cylinders

8 Natural Energy Boosts to Leave You Running on All Cylinders 

In today’s busy, frantic, fast-paced way of living, we’re all looking for even the simplest ways to get every last ounce of energy we can so that we can accomplish the things we need to. We don’t have time to get run-down or exhausted, but getting a natural energy boost without having to guzzle gallons of coffee can seem about as realistic an idea as sighting a rainbow colored unicorn. Casting about for a silver bullet that will get us through the day, we often turn to all kinds of artificial stimulants that could be causing us more harm than good. 

Rather than reaching for a can of carbonated get-up-and-go juice or slugging down some magic pill, there are a few little tweaks that you can make to your routine that will give you some oomph without turning to products whose ingredient lists sound like a Martian dialect.
Want a natural energy boost? In addition to eating a balanced diet that will give your body the 
essential vitamins it needs and taking health supplements to fill in any gaps, try out these 8 tips: 

1. Sunlight 

Light is a natural signal to your internal clock that the day has begun, so leaving the blinds open on your windows or turning on lights in the morning to replicate sunlight can shift your body and your brain into go-mode. 

2. Avoid the Snooze Button 

As much as you think of that little button as your best friend, allowing yourself those extra few minutes of sleep can actually leave you feeling groggy later on. It’s better to listen to the alarm when it goes off the first time so that you can avoid hitting an energy slump later in the day. 

3. Move It 

After you’ve gotten out of bed in the morning, do some yoga or stretching to get your body, your blood, and your mind moving in the right direction to take on a full day. 

4. Oil Up 

Eat something with coconut oil, which is one of the healthy fats and a fast-acting source of energy that your body can access readily. 

5. Pump Up with Protein 

You may already know that breakfast plays an important role in living a healthy lifestyle, but eating a breakfast rich in protein is a brain booster that helps your mental acuity get off to a good start. Having protein early in the day also has the added benefit of keeping your hunger satisfied longer. 

6. Avoid Late Meals 

Late-night eating may seem relatively harmless, but the heavier the foods eaten in the darkest hours of day, the harder it is for your body to recover from it the next morning. Night is the time that your body should be winding down, so by eating a heavy meal, you’re prolonging the process and leaving it less time to rest. If you’re feeling peckish, give your body a break by sticking to small, light snacks that won’t leave it struggling to catch up the next day. 

7. Hydrate 

When your body hasn’t gotten its fill of water, it can leave you feeling drowsy and drained of energy. Staying properly watered all day can keep you going strong and sharp. 

8. Get Your Zzz’z 

Renew your relationship with your pillow, because sleep is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal in the battle against energy drains. If you’ve missed out on sleep, you could feel physically and mentally sluggish, so add some extra sleep time to catch up from days that fell short. 

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