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Getting Schooled on the Subject of Nutrition for Kids

You already know the important role that proper nutrition plays in your health and can tell when you are eating in a way that is not doing you any favors - whether that means it is draining your energy by causing blood sugar spikes or messing with your digestion. The same way, nutrition for kids is of adult-sized importance, though kid-friendly foods are not always health-friendly, which means your children may potentially suffer from nutrient deficiencies that could lead to health issues and even behavioral problems.

Cafeteria Rules

As you get your children back-to-school ready, get them back-to-health ready, as well, with a few changes to their diets and a few tips that will make you feel like an A-plus parent. 

  • Color inside the lines (but only with the natural ones). Research has linked behavioral problems in children with the consumption of artificial food coloring and food dyes, which triggers the release of histamines and can exacerbate a number of the symptoms of ADHD. 
  • Be sweet, but limit sugar. As intense as your insulin spikes and crashes are, the effects that sugar has on the pint-sized system of a child is even greater. Giving them sugar affects their blood sugar to cause energy deficits once the fast and hard adrenaline rush wears off, but eating refined carbs also causes extreme cases of fatigue, hunger, and irritability. 
  • Have a cow. Red meat is an important source of iron, zinc, protein, and vitamin B – all of which are crucial in behavioral management and regulating blood sugar. 
  • Be chicken-livered. Pasteurized chicken liver is high in iron, folate, choline, B12, and protein as well as zinc, making it a great way to provide your child with the nutrients they need to stay the well-behaved little angel you know is in there…somewhere. 
  • Discipline the troublemakers. Specifically dairy and gluten, which may be the source of food intolerances that could lead to behavioral issues in some children. Try eliminating them for a while to see if anything improves. If notice no changes, then dairy and gluten may not be the problem, and your child can have the green light to start eating these foods again.

Make the Grade

As a parent, your children's wellness is naturally top of mind. Your kid’s health is affected by the foods you feed them, so make sure you’re doing things like providing them with healthy fats, limiting their intake of processed foods, and filling in any dietary gaps with children's vitamins. Vitamins for children are specially formulated for their little bodies to support their mental and physical health, which are crucial for proper development. As you prepare your little ones to run off to school every day, take advantage of your Ask Everwell consultation to get some class time with healthcare experts who can provide you with all the information you need to start your child’s year off right.

Put your child’s health on the honor roll! Schedule your Ask Everwell consultation at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy to learn about nutrition for kids and shop our line of children’s vitamins today!

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