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12 Ways a Natural Detox Will Clean Up Your Act

12 Ways a Natural Detox Will Clean Up Your Act 

If you have kept up with media hype at all, you have likely heard of detox programs and products that claim all sorts of benefits that seem too good to be true. However, a natural detox can actually be part of a safe and healthy lifestyle that provides you with optimal health rather than putting you in danger. Certainly, there can be risks involved in trying to detox your body improperly. However, if you do it with the guidance of a professional, the benefits of detoxing weigh heavily in your favor. 

A natural detox can do wonders for your health, and if you are looking for reasons to try one out, here are 12 that could be of great interest to you:  

1. Boost Your Energy 

Many detoxers report higher energy because a natural detox requires you to abstain from sugar, caffeine, trans fats, and saturated fats that are draining you of energy. By replacing them with large amounts of water as well as fresh fruits and veggies, you are avoiding the crash and giving yourself a natural energy boost from proper hydration and sufficient nutrients. 

2. Rid Your Body of Excess Waste 

Detoxing allows your body to rid itself of the excess waste that it may have been storing up. Most natural detox plans help stimulate the body to cleanse itself, clearing out the liver, colon, and kidneys by getting things happily moving along and keeping built-up toxins from staying put. 

3. Aid Your Weight Loss Efforts 

In addition to meal planning to lose weight, you might want to consider trying a natural detox plan to help get your efforts moving in the right direction. Detoxing helps you adopt more healthy habits like eating more healthfully, which will have more sustainable results than the initial rapid weight loss than can result from the calorie restriction during the detox period. 

4. Strengthen Your Immune System 

Like taking  health supplements, detoxing can strengthen your immune system by allowing your organs to function properly and absorb the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and fight off sickness. Many of the herbs you are encouraged to take during a detox help the lymphatic system, as well, which also strengthens your immune system.

5. Improve Your Skin 

Detoxers are encouraged to incorporate the use of a sauna to help sweat out harmful toxins. As a result, you will likely notice clearer, smoother skin at the end of your detox program. It is important to know, however, that certain skin conditions like acne may worsen as toxins are released onto the skin. Itchiness and patchiness may be a short-term part of the process, as well, but all of these issues will clear out by the end of the program and are a great signal that you are actually making progress. 

6. Improve Your Breath 

When a detox has cleansed your colon, and your digestive system begins functioning properly, your breath may show noticeable improvement. Interestingly enough, bad breath has been linked to a backed-up colon. As toxins are released, however, breath may worsen during the actual process but will improve after you have completed your detox program. 

7. Promote Healthier Habits 

Detoxes can help you kick old habits that have been bad for your health and replace them with new ones that will benefit you. Certain foods and beverages are prohibited during detox programs, which may ultimately result in lessening your desire for them once you are detox is complete. 

8. Clear Your Thinking 

Natural detox programs should be mindful of your state of mind during the cleanse and will often recommend meditation as a method of getting back in touch with your body while you are purging and cleansing it of toxins. Detoxers often report better brain function, which may be the result of the elimination of sugary and fat-laden foods that so greatly affect mental processes. 

9. Beautify Your Hair 

Detoxing allows your hair to grow without the impediment of internal toxins that make your hair appear dull and dry. When you have been detoxing, your hair often becomes fuller, shinier, softer, and it even grows more quickly. 

10. Feel Lighter 

If you are doing a colon cleanse as part of your detox, the fact that you are no longer eating foods that make you feel heavy and bloated and replacing them with organic produce, feeling lighter is a natural benefit. Sticking to proper portion also sizes aids in keeping you feeling light and energized, as well. 

11. Look Younger 

The natural aging process is greatly impacted by toxins and is even accelerated by them. As your detox reduces the amount of free radical damage being done to the body by these harmful toxins, you will look and feel younger and increase your longevity. It is important to note, however, that the healthy diet and activity level jumpstarted by your detox program has stayed well in place so that your anti-aging efforts last long-term. 

12. Improve Your Sense of Wellbeing 

Detoxing helps you feel good, and that can really be a great tool in helping you change your lifestyle so that you are healthier, happier, and more energetic. Things might start to improve in all areas as a result of the satisfaction and renewal you feel, giving you better  cardiovascular health; improved mental and emotional function; stronger relationships; and better productivity at work. 

Talk with the Experts at Everwell Today! 

It is important not to let the hype of detoxes get in the way of the reality of the ways that a safe and natural detox can improve your health. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we offer clients  Ask Everwell consultations with our team of medical and healthcare experts who can discuss your concerns and guide you along in finding a natural detox program that will benefit you. 

Rid your life of the toxicity that’s compromising your health! Come into  Everwell Specialty Pharmacy today for your Ask Everwell consultation with our team of experts and learn how a natural detox can help you achieve your goals!

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