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Stand Up to the Afternoon Slump

Stand Up to the Afternoon Slump 

Ever found yourself feeling draggy at midday and wish you could just crawl in a hole and take a nap? It’s not just you. It’s actually a common phenomenon often referred to as the “afternoon slump,” and millions of people experience that bout of afternoon tiredness every single day. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we have a team of experts who can help you identify the reason for your mid-afternoon slump and offer you advice on ways to prevent your daily struggle against mid-afternoon fatigue from ever happening.

Clocking Your Energy 

Afternoon slump can be caused by a number of seemingly small things that all add up. Some of the most common reasons you’re fighting fatigue in the middle of the day might actually be fixed quite simply with a few tweaks to your habits that could not only end up kicking your afternoon fatigue but also help you live a more healthy lifestyle. 

A few things that might be contributing to your crash include: 

  • Eating a midday meal that’s loaded with carbs. Simple carbohydrates cause a spike in blood sugar, which eventfully ends with a blood sugar crash that leaves you tired and cranky. Try eating complex carbs that fuel you rather than giving you a temporary high. 
  • You’re sitting too long without taking a break. Try getting up for a quick walk or a stretch every hour to fight off your body’s assumption that your inactivity means it’s time to prepare for sleep. 
  • You need to hydrate. Staying hydrated is essential to stopping the afternoon slump and keeping you from feeling tired, irritable, or lethargic. 
  • Your body temperature has dropped. It’s a normal part of your body’s daily routine in the afternoon, but that decline in temp causes the release of the hormone melanin, which induces sleep. Wake up with a walk, up-tempo music, or a good dose of sunshine.

Solution Time 

While your daily bout of drowsiness could certainly be a simple issue, it could also be related to more common concerns like adrenal fatigue or a lack of sleep caused by high levels of stress and anxiety. At Everwell, we offer complimentary Ask Everwell consultations that are designed to provide you with personalized solutions to your health concerns, advise you on ways to live a healthier life and address any goals you may be hoping to achieve.

Don’t let your energy fall into a slump! Take advantage of our expertise and schedule your complimentary Ask Everwell consultation at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy and shop our line of wellness products today!

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