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How to Make Managing Your Child's Diabetes Child's Play

How to Make Managing Your Child's Diabetes Child's Play

As a parent, you're always on the lookout for ways to keep your children happy, safe, and healthy. But when they're diagnosed with diabetes, the importance of keeping them healthy seems even greater. It's no longer just a question of making sure they get enough vitamins and are minding their manners and getting good grades, and it's natural to feel the need to keep a close watch on them. The reality is, however, that with their daily activities keeping them busy and your own schedule taking up so much attention, it's not possible to keep constantly on guard. With that in mind, you need to learn ways as a family to stay healthy so that the daily task of managing your child's diabetes is easier and less stressful – whether they're at home, at school, or at play.

The Naughty List

Managing your child's diabetes will not only require keeping their insulin levels regulated but also making sure that they eat the proper foods and are being active enough. The danger zone looms when children don't take their medications or don't follow their prescribed meal plan, which can throw their medications out of balance. Other problems can occur when they exercise too little or too much without making proper adjustments to their diabetic plan, don't check their blood sugar levels frequently enough, or have been stressed out or sick.

Getting Everyone in the Game Plan

Managing your child's diabetes will require a cooperative effort. They need to understand the condition just as much as you do, so you'll need to keep them a part of things. Discuss things like their medications, the foods that they eat, and the exercise they get as well as the warning signs they need to be able to recognize so that they can stay safe and healthy. The rest of your family, your children's teachers and caregivers, and their friends' parents should also be aware of their diagnosis; so make sure that they are given proper information on what your child's needs are.

Managing things can be simple once everyone understands what's going on; and in addition to talking with your child's doctor, it can be helpful to talk to a health expert who can really work closely with you to develop a plan that you and your child feel comfortable with. They – and you – need to know that regular life can still go on and that the adjustments that need to be made don't have to be restrictive of fun.

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