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Team Member Spotlight: Josh Hartwig

By Everwell | February 6, 2018

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on Josh Hartwig! Josh has been a part of the Everwell team since we were Pensacola Apothecary! For the 3 years he has been here, Josh has been a valuable member of the team. Whether it is speaking with insurance companies, helping patients or solving technical problems, Josh…

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Team Member Spotlight – Avion Palmer

By Everwell | November 3, 2017

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on Avion Palmer!
Avion has been on the Everwell team for a little over a year. She is one of our Account Managers. In Avion’s first year here with Everwell she has established herself as an important member of our team with her flexibility. If Everwell was a baseball […]

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Team Member Spotlight – James Vartko

By Everwell | September 28, 2017

This month our Team Member Spotlight is on James Vartko!James has been a part of the team here at Everwell since 2016. Before he came on full time, he started out with us as an extern from Virginia College. He caught on quickly and became an Account Manager and permanent member of the team. James […]

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The Benefits of Learning to Think Outside the…Classroom?

By Everwell | August 29, 2017

Class time is, of course, time that kids spend with their noses buried in books (or computer screens) to learn the basics of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic…But another basic they should be learning is one “R” that is increasingly falling by the wayside, and that’s good old-fashioned recess. Well, maybe not so much recess in […]

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Get Moving on the Importance of Your Kid’s Exercise and Keeping Them Active

By Everwell | August 21, 2017

You already know how important working out is to your health as an adult, but regular activity is every bit as important to your child’s health and development as it is to your own. Kid’s exercise, however, doesn’t mean packing them off to the sweat-mecca of an actual gym to get their heart pumping – […]

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Getting Schooled on the Subject of Nutrition for Kids

By Everwell | August 14, 2017

You already know the important role that proper nutrition plays in your health and can tell when you are eating in a way that is not doing you any favors – whether that means it is draining your energy by causing blood sugar spikes or messing with your digestion. The same way, nutrition for kids […]

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Team Member Spotlight – Ms. Sally Spencer

By Everwell | August 14, 2017

Ms. Sally Spencer is a very important part of the Everwell team. She has been with the company for over 10 years! Ms. Sally’s official title is Pharmacy Assistant, but she would tell you that her unofficial title is Pharmacy Mom and she is great at both! She does so much that it is […]

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Be a Major Brainiac About Your Children’s Brain Health

By Everwell | August 7, 2017

Realize it or not, putting your children’s brain health on the right path starts in their very first years, so making sure that they get the essential vitamins they need for proper cognitive function and memory development is a critical part of your role as their parent. Your children’s wellness overall is directly linked to their […]

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Refocus Your Attention on ADHD in Children

By Everwell | August 2, 2017

As children prepare to return to school, the concern for their health and their ability to learn over the coming semesters is naturally high on the minds of millions of parents all over the country. For children who have been diagnosed with issues like ADHD, the school year can present countless challenges as they struggle […]

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Weighing In on the Importance of Breakfast in Weight Loss

By Everwell | July 27, 2017

You may think that skipping meals to save calories will help you lose those pesky pounds you can’t seem to drop, but when you’re trying to lose weight, the importance of breakfast is something you might need to chew on. Sure, you’ve got a busy day and feel crunched for time, but that doesn’t mean […]

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